Quiz: Should I hire a professional designer to brand or create a logo for my blog or business?

Are you ready to hire a professional designer for your logo or visual brand?

Plus, read the tips below if you're on the fence on one of the most important investments for your blog or business.


Do you have a business name?

Before you can have a graphic designer create a logo for your blog or business, you must have a business name. It's difficult - read: impossible - to create a logo of any type without the letters that make up your brand name. Make sure you've done the research on other companies with the same or similar names, make sure the website and social media handles are all available as well!

Is your blog or business set up legally?

Laws vary by state, but in some states, if you make more than $400 in one year from your business or hobby, you'll need to legally register your business, trademark your business name and get set up to pay quarterly taxes. Disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer or tax professional, so be sure to work with a licensed professional for advice on getting your business set up!

Are your services defined?

Let's say you selling engraved wedding invitations on Etsy, but a friend asked you to make her a website, so you decided to do it for the first time. Then you received a random email that asked if you create tutus for children, so you went for it, too. Maybe you decided to start walking dogs as a little extra money on the side.

It's important to develop a solid foundation for your business before branding it visually. Would you go into a store and let a sales associate dress you without telling them a bit about your personality, comfort level and style? After all, a super feminine personality and style might not fit too well in black leather and skull motifs, am I right?

Unfortunately, you can't brand all of those services and products under one umbrella. You'll need to focus on a defined set of services or products before hiring a designer to create a logo or full brand. That's not to say you won't eventually create an engraving, website design, tutu, dog walking media empire under one umbrella business, but... start small and focused and brand each service or product category separately.

Who is your target audience or client?

This goes hand-in-hand with defined services. While it is possible to market to everyone, everywhere, even massive brands like Coca-Cola and Pepsi have a defined target market. Ever notice how their commercials always seem so... hip? Yes, even with a little controversy. It's not by some mistake! It's branding.

Consider professional programs, like business coaching, before hiring a designer for your brand. Working with a business coach can help you narrow down your ideal client or customer, set the basics of a marketing plan and give you the next steps of making it legal before you formally hire a designer to develop a visual brand or rebrand for your business.

Are you ready to invest?

Ah, this one can be a big one as to whether or not someone hires a professional designer. Always know that you get what you pay for with a designer. A $5 (or even $100!) logo may not be original or research done specifically for your business, audience and services or products. A smart guideline to follow when considering hiring a professional graphic designer for your brand is 10-20% of your annual business income for the year. Keep in mind this isn't every year! A great designer will create a brand that will last several years.

Why is it worth it to invest in a professional? A good brand identity designer will walk you through the process to help narrow down your audience and services. Most designers worth their weight are knowledgeable on basic marketing and branding principles and can help guide you in the right direction for your brand.

A great designer will also often do everything they can to learn about your business before starting the design process, whether that's through a detailed questionnaire, coffee chat or Skype sessions. Each designer works differently, but come prepared with questions on their design process, timeline and portfolio when interviewing designers.

But how much do graphic designers typically cost?

A comprehensive brand identity design or rebrand can start at $1000 if you work with less experienced designers for a full package including a logo, mood board and collateral items like social media graphics, brand style guide, blog graphics, business cards and more.

Larger agencies can charge upwards of $10-20,000 or more; however, this price range reflects established, large-market companies or national brands.

By working with a small design agency with several years of experience, you can expect to pay between $1,500-$5,000 for a complete brand identity design. You can also get in touch with yours truly to get the ball rolling or a gorgeous, custom brand for your business!

What if you're not "ready"?

Hey, there's not a thing wrong with that - we all started somewhere, pal! There are lots of options if you aren't quite ready - legally, financially or business plan-wise.

Here are a few more ways to start branding your business, DIY-style:

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